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Jabez & the P.P. Gang

One of the best moments of 2018, was performing in Jabez and the P.P. Gang at Sound Bites 5.0 at the Signature Theatre. After having been countless times myself, to some of my favorites such as Thomas and Lee’s The Jerry Springer Opera and Baker’s Antipodes, it was finally time for me to take stage. Performing in the signature theatre was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had yet, seeing the walls signed with casts of shows I had seen was truly inspiring, and luckily I was performing in a musical that truly captured my heart. Jabez and the P.P. Gang was an incredibly funny and quick show where I got to play Miguel a rich, bull fighter of sorts that tries to win the heart of Jabez’s love Adonia. I had so much fun in this show playing such a cartoonish and dramatic character, I’d kill to do it again. We competed against nine other ten minute musicals in this competition on May 28, 2018.

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