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Epicurious’ Basic Skills Challenge

One of the most exciting projects I began in 2018 put some of my cooking skills to the test! Epicurious’ Basic Skills Challenge asks myself along with 49 others to perform “basic skills” in kitchen such as cooking and preparing food. However, most of these challenges aren’t as easy as as I expect them to be. For about an hour or two I’m given the ingredients and every kitchen utensil you can imagine to just have at it. I can first be seen in the 50 People Try to Cut Pineapple Rings but also appear in, Peel and Cube a Potato, Remove Artichoke Hearts, Make Scrambled Eggs, Shuck Corn, Crack a Coconut, Make a Vinaigrette, Chop and Deseed a Jalapeño, Fillet a Fish, Juice a Lemon, Make Browned Butter, Peel and Devein Shrimp, Make a French Omelette, Try to Cut a Watermelon, Make an Over Easy Egg, Make Pancakes, Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Toss Pizza Dough, Peel a Tomato, Soft Boil an Egg, Peel a Hardboiled Egg, Peel a Kiwi, Make a Martini, and more coming soon. Videos can be found here:​

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